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Terms of Use

In order to register for an account with the North Carolina Electronic Filing System (eFiling), you (User) must accept the terms of use below. This serves as your agreement with the North Carolina state courts for the purpose of electronically filing court case documents using the eFiling system and will remain in effect as long as you are an active registered user. Failure to accept these terms will result in denial of access to the eFiling system. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in revocation of access to the eFiling system.

 User accepts and agrees to the following:

User Accounts

·         To provide accurate and complete information as required by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

·         To promptly notify the AOC of any change to User's profile information including, but not limited to, any change in name, address, firm affiliation or status as a member in good standing of the North Carolina State Bar.

·         Not to use or attempt to use a user ID that is obscene, offensive, potentially libelous, or deceptive. A deceptive user ID includes, but is not limited to, a user ID that could be construed to give a false or misleading impression of the individual owner's identity or association with any other legal entity.

·         To be bound by and follow the eFiling rules set forth at www.efiling.nccourts.org Click here to access the rules: http://www.efiling.nccourts.org/manual/fiCourtRules.htm

·         That only a natural person will be issued a user ID, and an individual may have only one active user ID at any given time. 

·         To notify the AOC immediately of any breach of user ID security, including any use of the user ID by an individual not expressly authorized to do so by User.

·         That User shall be responsible for the security and use of the user ID and password. Any electronic filing or other interaction with the eFiling system by that user ID and password shall be deemed to be made by User or with User's express authorization.

·         That a user ID and password may not be transferred to anyone. Upon cessation of use of a user ID by the individual to whom it originally was assigned, User agrees to notify the AOC immediately to terminate the user ID.

·         To suspension of User's account by the AOC if the AOC determines that there is any misuse, abuse or fraudulent use of the account. Service will also be suspended if any information provided during the account registration process is false or fraudulent.

·         That misuse, abuse or fraud may also result in civil liability, criminal prosecution, a grievance being filed with the appropriate licensing agency or any combination thereof.

·         To cooperate with the AOC and law enforcement during investigations into misuse, abuse or fraud.

System Use

·         Electronic filings are governed by all provisions of the Supplemental Rules of Practice and Procedure for the North Carolina eFiling Pilot Project (the "eFiling Rules").

·         To submit court filings electronically only for civil court cases for which User is an attorney of record or an active party.

·         That use of the eFiling login process with a user ID and password, followed by submission of electronic documents to the eFiling system, constitutes User's "signature" for the purposes of Rule 11 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.

·         That case summary information for all cases in the eFiling system will be viewable by anyone with an account, but only the counsel of record and parties to a case can access the documents electronically filed for that case.

·         That all documents filed by and information provided to the eFiling system by User is subject to the Public Records Act, N.C.G.S. Chapter 132, and may not be designated confidential, proprietary, or otherwise protected from public disclosure. 

·         That unavailability of the eFiling system shall neither constitute a basis for an extension of time in which to file any matter with the court nor in any way affect any applicable statute of limitations. In the event of any unavailability of the eFiling system, User agrees that time-sensitive documents must be filed in hard copy with the clerk of superior court in order to meet any applicable deadline.


·         That the AOC may deploy updates or modifications to the eFiling system at any time, with or without prior notice, and that User's continued use of the eFiling system to file documents electronically with the courts constitutes acceptance of the system as updated or modified.

·         That the AOC may delay, limit, or deny access to the eFiling system due to system outages, scheduled maintenance and backups, or unforeseen events that may occur.

·         That the AOC will make reasonable efforts to provide prompt notice of any denial of access and the anticipated duration of such denial of access, but failure of the AOC to give such notice shall not constitute a waiver of any part of these Terms of Use or justification for User's failure to comply with the eFiling Rules, the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, the Revised Rules of Professional Conduct, or the North Carolina General Statutes.

·         To use software for document production and access to the eFiling system compliant with the eFiling Rules and the AOC's recommended specifications, as updated periodically on the AOC's website.

·         That User assumes all risk and waives any claim for damages against the AOC resulting from use of the eFiling system.


·         That changes to these Terms of Use are within the sole discretion of the AOC. Any change in these Terms of Use will be posted on the North Carolina Courts website (www.nccourts.org). Continued use of the eFiling system following the posting of changes constitutes User's acceptance and agreement to the changes.

·         That, by use of the eFiling system, User acquires no ownership or intellectual property interest in the eFiling system, its content or related materials, including, but not limited to user IDs or passwords; user profile information; documents filed electronically; user interface design, format or content; titles or terminology; logos or other artwork; or training materials and documentation. User agrees that all such intellectual property is the sole property of the AOC or of the vendor selected to develop or host the eFiling system, and that no such content may be reproduced without permission.

·         Not to develop, produce or disseminate any derivative work or product based upon or intended to interact with the eFiling system without permission of the AOC and any vendor selected to develop or host the system.

·         Not to employ any software that collects, intercepts, or otherwise "mines" information or content from the eFiling system.

·         That these Terms of Use, their situs and forum, shall be Wake County, North Carolina, where all matters, whether sounding in contract or tort, relating to its validity, construction, interpretation and enforcement shall be determined, governed, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina.

·         That the continuation or any renewal or extension of the eFiling system is dependent upon and subject to the allocation, availability or appropriation of State funds appropriated to the AOC.

·         That if any section of this Terms of Use shall, for any reason, be held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this contract.

·         That the failure of either party to enforce any term of this Terms of Use on one or more occasions will not constitute a waiver of the rights or remedies of either party to enforce such or any other term of this Agreement on any other occasion.

·         That these Terms of Use shall survive for as long as the User has an account for eFiling, is a party in an action that is filed using the eFiling system or is counsel for a party in a case that is filed using eFiling.